Headphones and a Plastic Cup

Headphones and a Plastic Cup

My inspiration behind this design was of course the title. I thought about the type of things you see in a recording studio and how the music producer creates their music.
I was dating a music producer at the time I created this cover and I witnessed him using several different types of headphones to listen and proof his music. I decided to use the several headphones in my image.
I also listened to the music on the album and it had somewhat of a party feel to it. When I think of plastic cups at a party, I think of a red solo cup. I wanted to make the image look like it was taken in a music studio. The headphones are actually flowing out of the red cup

I used two different images and combined them together to create this cover.


“True art is ch…

“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”
-Albert Einstein