About Me



My name is Nikki and I am full time student a Full Sail University. I am studying graphic design. I love art and all things artsy. I’m into what is new and different.

History Lesson

I started getting into graphic design when I wanted to start a blog a zillion years ago. I needed a logo or header and I didn’t know anyone who knew how to create such a thing, nor did I want to pay someone to do it. I began going through youtube to find out how I could create on my own. The first program I ever used to create was Microsoft Paint. I’ve made some huge upgrades since then. I wish I still had my files to share with you all.

Current Uses

I will use this blog to showcase any of my findings that I think are cool. This blog will include photographs, abstract art, advertisements, logos, other blogs I find interesting, and anything else I find artsy!


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