I started with a simple google search: Graphic Design. This was the first site, other than the wikipedia site that I came across. is one of the most inspiring websites I’ve seen in a long time. This site is highly creative and original. The epitome of what a graphic design website should look like.

Upon first entering the site, you are greeted with this message:


At first glance I was slightly confused as to where the rest of the site was but as soon as I was done reading the introduction the site opened up. The 2Shea company makes sure you know what they are all about.

The home page opening had me astounded. I felt like I had my own desk in their company.


From this point there are several options you can choose from looking at some of their designs on the iPhone, learning about the designers at the company by clicking the pictures on the left, or clicking on the slot machine and playing games! There are several other options on the page as well.

I challenge you to explore this site and learn more about the company. This site is built to keep you entertained as well as glued to their name. There will be no way I can forget about this design firm after viewing their site. I could only hope to one day have a website as mind-blowing and addictive as this one. I found myself playing with the painting features on the Macintosh Color Classic for quite a while.

For those of you who can’t run the flash site on your computer, they also have a link to a non-flash website.

Overall, this site is definitely enjoyable and I am hooked on their designs. Check it out!


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